Umpire Schedule

Every registered umpire will be assigned to an Umpire Coordinator for the season. Your coordinator will request info about your availability prior to creating the umpire schedule, and will attempt to provide umpires with equal number of shifts over the season. Umpires are assigned to games based on a number of factors including: experience, league-age, and availability.

If you cannot make a game that you are scheduled to ump then you need to notify your coordinator as soon as you can, and at least 24 hours prior to the game, so that they can find someone to take your place.

Umpires are expected to be at the park 20 minutes before the scheduled game start time.

Umpire Wages


Fees per game vary depending on the division being ump’d and the umpire’s position. Umpires will be paid at the field by the manager of the home team.




Pee Wee



Minors AA



Minors AL



Majors NL



Game Cancellation Policy:

Games can be cancelled by the coaches 30 minutes before schedule start time due to weather.  If a game is cancelled for weather at least 30 minutes before start, the umpire will not be paid.  If the game is not cancelled in that time frame, the ump will be paid if they are at the park.

Uniforms and Equipment


All Umpires are expected to wear (details to be confirmed by your Umpire Coordinator):

  • Official Umpire Shirt (or a dark coloured golf-style collared shirt). (See note below.)
  • Dark pants
  • FHLL baseball cap

All Umpires (plate and base) are expected to bring to each game:

  • Clicker (see note below)

Note: Umpire shirts and clickers, will be available to purchase - your coordinator will provide details.

FHLL provides home plate protective equipment, and a plate brush. It is located in the locked box at each field.

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