Player Evaluations

2016 Evaluation Day

For all 'league age' 9-16 players in Minors, Majors, Juniors and Seniors Divisions  

All 'league age' 9-16 players must be registered with FHLL and must attend a Player Evaluation session. 

Player Evaluations sessions will be scheduled on Saturday March 5, 2015. 

Location: Mickey McDougall Gym  2:00-8:00 pm (23rd & St.George)

Players will only need to attend 1 session. Each session will last approx. 1 hour.

You will be notified by email of the date/time that your player is scheduled to attend.

Evaluation Format

Each year Forest Hills Little League attempts to improve the methods used to assess players and create balanced teams in Minors, Majors and Juniors divisions, in order to provide a positive baseball experience for everyone.   New teams will be created each season based on player evaluations.   Friend requests are not considered in these divisions.

Players will be divided into small groups that will rotate between the following stations:
  1. Catching
  2. Fielding
  3. Throwing
  4. Hitting
  5. Pitching
 - Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in and warm up
 - All players must come with a glove, batting helmet, athletic cup and appropriate gym shoes (no cleats)
 - Drills will last approximately 10-15 minutes per station
 - Volunteers will be hitting grounders, fly balls etc. while coaches observe and rate player performance (scale 1-10)

Note for players who are league age 9-12:
A player's attitude toward coaches and other players as well as their respect for safety, rules and the game of baseball is very important.  Coaches will be looking for players who listen to instructions, are keen about the game and generally exhibit the maturity to play baseball at the Minors and Majors level.

Team Formation Process


Juniors teams ... are created from the pool of league age 13 and 14 players. All registered players are placed on teams. Teams are balanced using the evaluation results.

Majors and Minors teams ... are created from the pool of league age 9-12 players using the evaluation results. Majors NL teams are selected first, then Minors AL, and finally Minors AA. The process is run by the Player Agent and Division Coordinators.

See 'Division Information' for more info.

Important Parent Information Regarding Majors NL


Majors National League (NL) is a competitive division for league age (as of April 30th) 11 and 12 year olds. Players who qualify for placement on a Majors NL team should expect one practice a week on Saturdays with games scheduled for Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mandatory parent participation is essential for Majors NL. Parents are responsible for field maintenance before and after games as well as scorekeeping, score board, pitch count and concession duties. Full commitment from players and parents is expected.

In order to ensure balanced teams in Minors AA, Minors AL and Majors NL, Forest Hills Little League (FHLL) holds Player Evaluation Sessions in February to assess the skill level of all players ages 9-12 yrs. Players are grouped by age and assessed in the areas of Pitching, Batting and Fielding. Each category is scored out of a possible 10 points. The scores are then averaged to create a Total Score. The players are then ranked based on this Total Score.

At the end of each season, every Head Coach is asked to complete a Player Evaluation Form. Coaches assign a score from 1-10 in the areas of Fielding, Catching, Throwing Strength, Throwing Accuracy, Batting, Pitching, Coachability and Attendance/Commitment. In addition, coaches are asked for their recommendation for player placement the following season.

Attendance at the Player Evaluations Session(s) is mandatory. If a player fails to attend, placement on a Majors NL team is not guaranteed, regardless of league age. Without a current assessment, FHLL will use the Coaches Evaluation from the previous season to then place the player in an appropriate division.

Minors AL and Majors NL teams are formed through a Player Draft which is attended by the Head coaches, the Division Coordinator and the Player Agent. Minors AA teams are created by the Minors AA Coordinator.

Both the Total Average Score from the Player Evaluation Session(s) along with the Coaches Evaluation from the previous season are considered when preparing the Draft List for Majors NL and Minors AL.

Little League rules dictate that Majors NL teams may have up to twelve players with each team limited to a maximum of eight 12 year olds. The balance of the team will be comprised of the highest ranking 11 year olds. In some cases, a high-ranking 10 year old may also be considered for Majors NL.

All league age 12 year olds are eligible to play on a Majors NL team. However, some 12 year olds may opt to play in Minors AL.

FHLL may recommend that some 12 year olds with low rankings consider playing Minors AL as the level of play in Majors NL may be beyond their ability. The safety of our players is paramount. Additionally, FHLL wants all players to be put in a position where they are most likely to succeed. There is no hiding in baseball. Repeated strike outs and errors can be detrimental to a childs self-esteem.

The decision to play Minors AL is ultimately up to the parents and the player. Should the player choose this option, the parents are asked to sign a waiver. The player is ineligible for post-season play on the 11/12 All-star Team.

Traditionally, many of the 12 year olds who opt for Minors AL have a positive experience and return to play Juniors the following year. Those who insist on playing Majors NL, despite FHLLs recommendations, often quit baseball, some even before the season is through.

The main priority of FHLL is to ensure that all players are safe, have fun, foster a love of the game, improve their skills and want to return the next season. To that end, FHLL is committed to placing players where they are likely to experience the most success.

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