T-Ball Rules

T-Ball Rules (Detailed)

 Junior / Senior t-ball rules
1.  Games will consist of three innings
2.  No outs will be called.  Each player will have the opportunity to run the bases even if he/she is "technically" out
3.  When fielding, all players on the team will have a position.  The infielders will be limited to pitcher, catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, short stop, and rover (plays between 1st and 2nd base).  Depending on the number of players, you may have less than the above listed positions....or more, sometimes it might be necessary to "borrow" a player from the other team if all your players are unable to make the game.
4.  All players will have a turn batting at each inning.  Every batter is given unlimited chances to hit the ball.  The last batter must be announced.
5.  Every player must wear a helmet when batting or running bases.  The catcher must also wear a helmet.
6.  If a player has a really big hit, he/she can advance 2 bases only.
7.  The catcher will tag home plate, not the base runner.  Base runner runs behind home plate.
8.  No score is kept
9.  At the end of each game, there will be a relay race.  One team lines up at second base and the other team lines up at home plate.  Bother teams race all the way around the bases one player at a time tagging the next person in line.  This relay if often the players favourite part of the game.
10.  (Only for Senior T-ball)  Approximately halfway through the season, the coaches can begin to pitch to the players to introduce batting without a tee. If the team is ready before this, pitching may start earlier at the discretion of the coaches.

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