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Michael Dee MacLeod Memorial Award

The Michael Dee MacLeod Memorial Award is given annually to the T-ball coach of the year in memory of a special coach, Mike MacLeod.  Mike believed strongly in the value of coaching young children in organised sport and he was passionate about making T-ball a positive and fun experience for all children.  His enthusiasm for coaching at the T-ball level was infectious and he devoted his time and energy to coordinating the T-ball league and to coaching his daughter Jenna's team - the Red Sox.

Mike's life was cut short at age 39 and he was missed by all who knew him.  One year after his death, the Forest Hills baseball league initiated a memorial award to recognise the dedication and commitment of the T-ball coach of the year.  The trophy is awarded each year to a worthy recipient by a member of Mike's family who are proud to continue the tradition in memory of Mike.


2016 Michael Dee MacLeod Memorial Award

Congratulations to Jason Brooks 2016 winner of the Michael Dee MacLeod Memorial Award.  

Award Recipients

2016  Jason Brooks
2015  Ellis Herbert
2014  Richard Haziza
2013  Jillian MacKenzie
2012  David Kershaw
2011  James Sutherland
2010  Brett Harrison
2009  Steve Duynstee
2008  Rae Ann Johnston
2007  Pat Grant
2006  Jim Echols
2005  Norm Sawers
2004  Ray DeMeyer
2003  Chris Weyell
2002  Rob Watson
2001  John Bell-Irving
2000  Grant Conzon
1999  Dave Power
1998  Bruce Tennant
1997  Tom Walker
1996  John Adair
1995  Jim MacMaster

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