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Robbie Biddlecombe Memorial Award

The Robbie Biddlecombe Memorial Award is a special award in memory of a special player. Robbie was never the best player on the team, in fact baseball did not come naturally to him, but what he lacked in talent he made up for in determination and an infectious, positive attitude. Robbie's life was cut short by cancer at the age of 11. Forest Hills Little League has been remembering Robbie through this annual award since 1980.

The trophy is awarded to a Minor and Major league player each year, as well as a plaque to a nominee from each team. The selection criteria do not even include baseball skills, but instead focuses on recognizing players with the other qualities of a team player; sportsmanship, positive attitude, joy of the game and support for their teammates.

2016 Recipients

Congratulations to our 2016 Robbie Biddlecombe Award Recipients.

 Ben Lee (Minors AA), Jonathan Wang (Minors AL) and Harry Buckley (Majors NL)




YearMajors NLMinors ALMinors AA
2016Harry BuckleyJonathan WangBen Lee
2015Max ScottDaniel StedmanOliver Keaton
2014Matthew CusanelliJesse WangNoah Bain
2013Amir SarrafanJack DannattTrevor Liu
2012Charlie DannattScott WatsonSam Doolan
2011Brandon PringleRuedi ManiAdam Collins
2010Graeme HopkinsJustin GourAnthony Ferreira
2009Nigel MooreFelix ParkinsonDrew Ogle
2008Steven RakisBruce BryantRoanan Demeyer
2007Neil CourtneyKeiko PattersonScott Jessiman
2006Joon LeeLaurence Watt
2005John HeffringZachary Hansen
2004Evan TeichmanShane Doiron-Hartle
2003Gavin Clark & Sasha IlnyckyjBen McDuffie & Kelsey Horne
2002Tommy KnowlesLandon Goold
2001Tim MurrayJenny Strong
2000Scott NevisonCallum McGuffie
1999Kevin Bennett & Adrian WatsonConnor Stevens
1998Blaise SackKrista Johnson
1997Emma DowdsKyle Clippendale
1996Michael Galpin & Michael WatsonKyle Winslow
1995Michael ShidloDavid Rudko
1994Nathan McIntyreChris Mitchell
1993Jared RandCasey MacKay
1992Tom McMasterMark Jenkins
1991Colin MulliganKyle Lucas
1990Shawn AndersonCalyn Shaw
1989David BaumanSteven Jones
1988Geoff MulliganMax Jones
1987Anthony BoydShelby LeBleu
1986Mike FollettDarren Sawchuck
1985Steve LakeBrain Rantz
1984David CommerfordAlison Horembala
1983Andrew ShandroKris Sutherland
1982Kevin SmithTony Wohlgemuth
1981Patrick Moss-NorburyKelly McLean
1980Kenny LumScott Rattee

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